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Regardless of language, culture, health system, or economy, academic health centers function best and contribute most to society when their missions of education, research, and patient care are aligned with each other.

AAHCI can offer its expertise on the benefits of academic health centers and systems and their tripartite mission to leading healthcare policymakers in your region, encouraging a stronger linkage between health care and the academic missions of health professions education and research. 

AAHCI’s goals are to:

  • Strengthen the voice of the academic health center enterprise in government as well as in the private sector;
  • Increase attention to academic health centers as leaders of change with the expertise and willingness to take a principal role in finding solutions to critical health issues worldwide;
  • Advance the academic health center enterprise as an engine of the 21st century knowledge economy and as a critical pillar of the global infrastructure for health, science, and higher education;
  • Promote collaboration and new initiatives among academic health centers to provide examples of quality and high performance in all aspects of patient care, biomedical research, and health professions education;
  • Educate and work with policymakers to contribute academic health center expertise in reshaping the health policy agenda worldwide;

AAHCI Member Testimonial: 

“Thank you very much for your letter and the publications underscoring the importance of integrated health centers. I am pleased to inform you that we have forwarded the documents to the office of the Minister of State for Health. We strongly believe that your professional opinion – based on strong scientific research and experience – will have a positive influence on [our] policy makers.”