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Please contact for information on getting involved with the following working groups:

Global Programs Network

The Global Programs Network (GPN) is comprised of individuals in senior management positions who oversee their institution's global activities.  The GPN shares global networking and exchange programs, best practices and success stories, and explores additional resources and information on global operations, legal implications, and international collaboration.

New and Emerging Academic Health Centers Working Group

This working group convenes leaders of new and developing academic health centers and systems to exchange ideas, best practices, and elaborate on the new and innovative models that emerge from their unique position. If interested in joining the discussion please contact us or fill out this survey.

Latin America Working Group

In order to continue momentum in the region AAHCI is working to provide more regional services, and more meetings within the region to allow members to share knowledge and network. The role of the working group is to thoughtfully advise and support the continued growth and development of AAHCI and to advise on a future Latin America regional office.

Africa Working Group

AAHCI is working to increase momentum in Africa by enhancing its presence in the region, and planning for an inaugural Africa Regional Meeting to allow members to share knowledge and network. The group provides ideas for meeting locations and themes and makes suggestions for expanded region-specific programs and services.

Nursing Leadership

This group works with the International Learning Collaborative (ILC) to better understand how nursing and nursing schools can contribute to the work and mission of AAHCI.